Passenger Side

85 minutes / Canada / 2009

Written and directed by:

Matthew Bissonnette


Adam Scott, Joel Bissonnette, Robin Tunney, Greg Dulli, Gale Harold

Featuring songs by:

Leonard Cohen, Silver Jews, Guided by Voices, Dinosaur Jr., Evan Dando, Wilco, and many others…

Passenger Side - poster

“This film is bloody lovely…A joy from start to finish…The faded hope of LA is perfectly captured, as is a depth of sibling love and resentment, with excellent performances, big laughs and emotional truth.” – Empire

“A thinking man’s Judd Apatow flick … literate, amusing and unexpectedly moving.” – L.A. Weekly

“A brilliant film – smart, funny, a little disturbing and utterly original.” – Montreal Gazette

“Canada’s Top Ten 2009” – The Toronto international Film Festival

“A poignant portrait of sibling rivalry and affection.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“4 Stars: It’s not like Sideways; it’s a lot better in fact.” – The National Post

“…it’s the warmth, the entirely plausible relationship between the brothers, the sparky, but never-overwritten back-and-forth between them, and the truthful, universal emotion of the whole thing that makes this a severely overlooked gem.” – The Playlist

Writer/Director Matthew Bissonnette is one of “10 young American moviemakers to watch” – The Independent UK



On the morning of his thirty seventh birthday Michael Brown (ADAM SCOTT) receives a telephone call from this estranged brother Tobey (JOEL BISSONNETTE), which sends the two off on a day-long odyssey across a wild and weird Los Angeles in search of Tobey’s “reason for living.” Behind the wheel of a beat up old BMW, fuelled by hilarious banter and a killer soundtrack, the brothers’ search leads them through a bizarre, beautiful land filled with surprising, comical characters to a very unexpected and magical destination.

PASSENGER SIDE was named to “Canada’s Top Ten” films of 2009 by the Toronto International Film Festival.

Film Festivals

The film has played at over 20 festivals, including:

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